Post Holidays Recap

Happy Fesitvus! I trust everyone had a delightful holiday season.

My wife and I in the Vandelay homestead had a beautiful Christmas. Our electricity had gone out from an abysmal storm the day before and a flooded basement with a few inches of water. It had taken the local power company roughly 24 hours before it was restored. We had a nice time anyhow with other fuel sources and much love and patience. We ducked out of our own home fore a little while and spent time with our loved ones who did have electricity before us in New Hampshire. Our New England family was pleasant company on a cold night with lots of warm food and laughter.

We missed seeing our Florida family in person over the holidays. Had we been a little smarter perhaps we would have gone to Florida for the holidays.

In preparation for Christmas this year we strayed from our normal routine of buying a tree at the local little league, Home Depot, lions club, etc. We went to a Native American land reserve and went deep into the woods to cut down a tree and brought it home. It was the most perfect tree that we found after an hour of picking and choosing. We had been told the method to cut them at 3′ from the ground so that it would continue to grow and spawn new branches. My wife had the giggles and was so happy that we had gone on that adventure. We have a new tradition in the Vandelay household of cutting our own fresh tree.

We hope everyone had a magical festivus!

xmas tree
Our untrimmed tree at Vandelay Industries

My name is Art Vandelay, I'm a truss designer or structural engineer which is like an architect. I follow the UNIX philosophy, do one thing and do it well. I have a few decades of experience working for large corporations maintaining high end servers for information services.