With Corona Pandemic still on the loose, my travel limited as I’ve had a trips to Israel and another in Bahamas canceled and me stuck at home. Which I bought a new home, but not the point of this, I digress. Lives still in danger I’ve had more time at home with college and old hobbies. I have started a BBS again for nostalgia. My first job as a kid in the 80s was working at a BBS as a CoSysOp and I would on the weekends hang out at this guys house and we would geek out. Anyhow, I present Vandelay Industries BBS! Wargames is online.

In the beginning…

Welcome to 2.0, I apologize as my inner geek had gotten the best of me and I had changed hosting providers and several portal frameworks and a few languages later here we are.

If you’ve ever run a search on the world wide web for Art Vandelay you may have seen references to Seinfeld and a character in that series. This is not that Art Vandelay. A very funny comedy about nothing I would recommend though if you have nothing else to do.

This webpage is about my public blog, travel vlog, and my electronic presence on the world wide web. I just like saying world wide web, world wide web, sounds funny. Welcome to the experience.


Art Vandelay