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If you don’t know the backstory. Hedge funds bet against the future of AMC Theaters. They borrowed more stocks than are in existence and have to pay interest on those stocks while they hold that position. The retail trader community bought 80+% of the shares and as a community are sitting on them. The hedge funds when they do close their positions will be forced by the laws of supply and demand to pay exorbitant prices, jacking the price to astronomical levels. This is known as a short squeeze. AMC theaters came out of the pandemic and are doing well making a profit and paying off any debt incurred from the covid timeframe. They have raised capital and renegotiated old leases and loans etc based on the fact the the community invested in their future. Hedge funds instead of assumed that their blip turmoil past was reason enough to bet on their future. Costs the retail investors nothing to hold. It costs millions and millions for hedge funds to bet. Apes together strong.

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