Vandelay Industries BBS

Apple // BBS

With Corona Pandemic still on the loose and my travel stifled. I’ve had a trips to Israel and another in Bahamas canceled. Here I am stuck at home forced to watch TV. I did buy a new home as that apartment was miserable, but not the point of this, I digress. Lives still in danger I’ve had more time at home with college and old hobbies. I have started Vandelay Industries BBS for nostalgia.

My first job as a kid in the 80s was working out of a garage as a CoSysOp for Prodigy BBS. On the weekends I would hang out at this guys house in the garage and we would geek out. I was a Commodore, Apple // and Macintosh kid. He was a DOS w/ Novell and show me his Amiga. Back then there was no one single operating system as we had diversity and different chipsets and we all learned.

I remember my first internet email via FidoNet in the mid 1980s. An acquaintance has fold me his Radio Shack Tandy 1000 and moved to Japan. Sadly, he was hit by traffic and passed away and his demise was my first email message. I received the email at home from overseas and could go to a friends house and show him the same email remotely. Felt pretty epic at the time being able to communicate around the world and check my fidonet mail anywhere.

Anyhow, I present Vandelay Industries BBS! The BBS is connected to FidoNet and other various old skool backbones for message transfer. And Door games are online.

Would you like to play a game? Wargames is online.

My name is Art Vandelay, I'm a truss designer or structural engineer which is like an architect. I follow the UNIX philosophy, do one thing and do it well. I have a few decades of experience working for large corporations maintaining high end servers for information services.