• Screecher

    As I mentioned Vandelay Industries has partnered with SunOx earlier this year. When spending some time on the farm with Mr Delorme I had a chance to drive around the Screechers. They are a 100% solar powered golf cart which is about 15mph. Had much fun driving it around! Contact SunOx or myself for more details if your interested.

  • Never Forget

    On the morning of September 11th 2001, a normal sunny autumn morning, I was on my way to the office (Fidelity Investments) at the World Trade Center Boston. I was stepping off the shuttle bus from the Subway (Boston refers to the underground transportation as simply the T). I heard the news broadcast announcing the first plane had hit the World Trade Center New York. I was taken aback as stepping off but figured I head wrong or hadn’t sunk in yet. I made my way inside and the trading floor was like nothing I had seen in there before. Usually quiet and traders staring at screens had become a…

  • sunox bolt

    New Partnership with SunOx

    I’m proud to announce Art Vandelay has recently established a new partnership with SunOx. SunOx Farming the Sun is the brainchild of none other than David DeLorme of DeLorme Mapping and Garmin handheld emergency devices. David is a neighbor a few miles away and contacted me regarding SunOx. We will be working on future products for agricultural solar powered products in a small team. This involves embedded Linux robotics and radio based communications to accomplish this goal and happy to help out with such esteemed colleagues. Be sure to checkout the videos of the projects underway and their progress! So in addition to the long list of, hey I saw…

  • Neatokeen feature

    A neat new feature in the Architectual software! I use Mitek software daily to design, which now allows me to have the 2D blueprint under my 3D CAD. A mostly useless feature, but just makes it pop and looks cool when aligning my measurements. The little things in life.

  • feature attack

    Welcome to my WarZone

    There is another side of the internet that we don’t see everyday or talk about, the silent war. The keyboard cowboys in the digital wild west. Today I setup a honeypot scanner today and within the first few minutes was able to visualize the constant bombardment internationally. Everyday I got people trying passwords, attempting to exploit me, nosey scanners who just want a peek, botnets trying to get a foothold, etc. These actors are not all bad, but most of them should seriously ask why they are watching me. I installed a honeypot setup called T-Pot which has many options for a network hive of honeypots all collecting data on…