• Mr and Mrs Vandelay

    Mr and Mrs Art Vandelay were Married on May 21st, 2022 in Destin Florida along the shore. The Guests The Marquis and Meier Families had finally met and mingled at the day of the wedding. Adrianna, the bride’s maid, drove all the way down from Kansas with her beau. What was sweet is my cousin’s husband Jonathon offered to be my best man at the last minute. However, there were a few notable missing guests as Mr Pennypacker was not able to attend the wedding and Varsen was a no show. The Event The wind was blowing off the ocean and the waves were huge that day, several feet high.…

  • tami stronach neverending story

    The Childlike Empress

    Tami Stronach who plays the role of Childlike Empress on The Neverending story wishes Art and Gina Vandelay a beautiful wedding. Thank you Tami for making an appearance! Gina thought Tami was sincerely sweet. Gina and I were born in the 70s and grew up as 80s kids and any 80s kid will tell you that The Neverending Story was a loved movie. Thank you Moonchild! Check out other special guest star cameos!

  • Mickey Abbott

    Thank you Danny for the nuptual congratulations! Danny Woodburn is well known for his role of Mickey Abbott on Seinfeld. And thank you for playing trivia with us Danny! Mickey Abbott : You gave me gonorrhea and you didn’t even tell me! Cosmo Kramer : I gave you gonorrhea because I thought you’d have fun with it! Mickey Abbott : Well, you should have told me! Check out our other special guest star cameos!

  • doris

    Annie Korzen

    Annie Korzen from Seinfeld had words of encouragement for Regina and Art! Annie played the role of Doris Klompus on Seinfeld. She is the sweetest. Thank you Annie! Doris would like to borrow red your pocketbook to go with her shoes. Don’t forget to visit Annie Korzen’s TikTok page! She is an inspiration that she has adopted the technology, embraced it, and become an influencer in this day and age. Huzza! Check out our other special guest star cameos!

  • fred

    Fred Yerkes

    Fred had some time at to wish Gina a wonderful wedding. Even if he doesn’t remember all his exgirlfriends. Fred Stoller played the role of Fred Yerkes on Seinfeld. Thank you for making an appearance Fred! Check out our other special guest star cameos!

  • Mr Heckels

    Mr Heckles

    Mr Heckles made a special appearance today! Fantastic neighbor, he is the quietest guy I know. Larry Hankin played the role of Mr Heckles on Friends as the neighbor. Friends is part of the NBC universe in which the series Friends, Mad About You and Seinfeld all took place at the same time in the same universe with cross overs. His cameo is hilarious! I can’t thank you enough Larry! Check out some of our other special guest star cameos!