The Vandelay 2022 Wedding

  • Mr and Mrs Vandelay

    Mr and Mrs Art Vandelay were Married on May 21st, 2022 in Destin Florida along the shore. The Guests The Marquis and Meier Families had finally met and mingled at the day of the wedding. Adrianna, the bride’s maid, drove all the way down from Kansas with her beau. What was sweet is my cousin’s husband Jonathon offered to be my best man at the last minute. However, there were a few notable missing guests as Mr Pennypacker was not able to attend the wedding and Varsen was a no show. The Event The wind was blowing off the ocean and the waves were huge that day, several feet high.…

  • fred

    Fred Yerkes

    Fred had some time at to wish Gina a wonderful wedding. Even if he doesn’t remember all his exgirlfriends. Fred Stoller played the role of Fred Yerkes on Seinfeld. Thank you for making an appearance Fred! Check out our other special guest star cameos!