Americas, Symbol XYM node online…

You have probably heard about BitCoin and perhaps Ethereum or NFT. Which is all well and good, welcome to decentralized and value added internet. Ethereum gas prices got you down? Your digital assets stuck in your wallet and can’t afford to move them? Tired of transaction block confirmation times waiting hours at a time? Enter Symbol (XYM). The Eastern side of the world developed some blockchain technology which hasn’t caught on in the USA (yet). They are big in Japan were you can purchase things at brick and mortar stores with XYM coin from your phone. Transaction times are a fraction of a second and gas prices adjust for inflation and at a fraction of a cent (compare with hundreds of dollars in other cryptos). The Symbol XYM blockchain is enterprise blockchain from New Economy Movements and is made for developers, with SDK in C++, Java, JavaScript, and TypeScript. We thrilled to be bleeding edge and help to be trend setters. Explore symbolExplore moreExplore the whitepaper

Acclaimed Labs and Vandelay Industries are adopting this technology and rolling out nodes in the USA. This is out first node on the main net, while we also are testing in private to integrate what Acclaimed Labs does best, forecast financial data. These predictive analytic reports are top notch, they are fantastic at predicting time series data and where price action, volume, inventory, temperature, etc will be in the coming months or financial quarters. What does this have to do with Symbol BlockChain and Vandelay Industries? We are attaching these reports to the blockchain with interplanetary filesystem and apostille notarizing each report for authenticity. Each report will proven to have been forecasted in advance, instead of after the fact or altered, or counterfeited. All of us as are thrilled to be a part of this next chapter of the internet!

My name is Art Vandelay, I'm a truss designer or structural engineer which is like an architect. I follow the UNIX philosophy, do one thing and do it well. I have a few decades of experience working for large corporations maintaining high end servers for information services.