I always wanted to be an architect.

  • Neatokeen feature

    A neat new feature in the Architectual software! I use Mitek software daily to design, which now allows me to have the 2D blueprint under my 3D CAD. A mostly useless feature, but just makes it pop and looks cool when aligning my measurements. The little things in life.

  • feature heel

    Heel Analysis

    ARCHITECTURE Heel Analysis Methods. When I design heels for a truss, I try to not use more wood than I need. Throwing wood at a problem doesn’t always fix things. For example, I have a slider on this heel as the heels are high. The top chord doesn’t specifically need them for stability or deflection. I have a pinned bearing and I can analyze the heel with a few different methods. In these two illustrations the red line represents the analog of the truss. I analyze with a single analog on the heel and my slider is several feet long as the next joint is the web. In the right…

  • How to make a miter cut

    Here is some simple math if you have the right tool. Trying to miter two angles is not always the easiest task. Let me preface this with I would recommend a Jobber Calculator if you convert from feet-inches to pitches, degrees or other regularly. They are not paid advertising, just the tool I use regularly. If your a math person, you know how instrumental a Casio TI-84 was in school. There is probably a Texas Instruments app for this as well that I haven’t looked into. The other tool I use all day everyday is a piece of software shown below is Mitek engineering. For this example I want to…

  • rise and run

    Rise and Run

    Vandelay Industries doesn’t architect per se. However, when I’m architecting a roof for my potato loving friends in Idaho, I use a few basic math skills. I got to thinking, I should share a few ideas with Seinfelders and future architects. Here are a few tips if you want to pretend to be an architect. In algebra there is a simple formula for calculating angles of triangles. I utilize this formula almost every day when designing roof trusses. Most all kids in the United States learn this at some point and is usually GED (general equivalency diploma) level of education in the United States. In this case today, I want…

  • The Architect

    IRONY The Architect. Despite my long career in technology and finance, I’m also an architect for a company in Idaho. More specifically I design rooves all day. Roofies are my thing. It’s a simple job, but someone has to do it and I don’t think they could live without me. Snow in Maine gets heavy and deep and the rooves need adequate structural engineering to withstand the harsh winters. I don’t think this job would transfer well to Egypt or some other climate. I didn’t even ask to be an architect. They said they needed help with Oracle and software development and when I got to the interview they pulled…